For Startups & New Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneur mentoring

If you are planning to start a company, there is a range of support and advice in the initial start-up phase. WIISE recommends that you first consider the following:

Once you have received this initial advice, there may still be a lot of work to do before you are ready to start your company. WIISE can mentor new entrepreneurs in these important, formative months. Depending on commitments of the association, we may be able to offer this to you as a ‘new entrepreneur’ members before your business is earning money.

We will agree a schedule of meetings with you, based on your needs, to develop your business plan, spar your ideas, challenge the gaps in your knowledge and make introductions to useful contacts, until you are ready to launch your company. When your business launches, we can offer our Small Business Advisory service (see below). This enables you to continue to receive ongoing guidance from WIISE, while at the same time supporting us to work with the next entrepreneur that needs help.

Small Business Advisory Meetings

Once you have launched your company, there is no need for your connection to WIISE to end. In fact, when you launch will be a time you need ongoing guidance and advice, to talk through challenges and spar your developing ideas. If WIISE has worked with you during your pre-launch phase, we will already know your plans and your business model and can continue to offer the help you will need.

Our Small Business Advisory Meetings are a paid service once your company is live. It has been structured to be affordable to a new business, enabling you to continue to get our support. This service could be offered as an ongoing arrangement, or we could agree a series of meetings over a fixed timescale. Whatever suits your company the best.