Meet The WIISE Team

Paul Fairchild, Jiuliano Prisada and Mark Wiltshear are three immigrant entrepreneurs. Together with Finn, Michael Nieminen, we have more than 50 years of experience as entrepreneurs in Etelä-Pohjanmaa.

That experience can be used to help migrating workers, and their family members, to settle into working life and integrate into everyday life in Finland. This will enable companies to retain their staff longer. At the same time, we can help international students focus on what they need to do to ensure that, after they graduate, they are prepared to apply for work. Keeping these international resources in Etelä-Pohjanmaa will enable municipalities to serve a rich, varied population that is employed, settled and happy to be living in Finland.

Paul Fairchild

British. Entrepreneur. Business language trainer. International sales sparrer. Football coach.


+358 50 306 5208

Jiuliano Prisada

Romanian. Entrepreneur. International sales specialist. Experienced project manager.


+358 50 066 4089

Mark Wiltshear

British. Entrepreneur. International sales professional. Podcaster: Explore Finland Radio Show and Finnish Football Show.


+358 44 595 9009

Michael Nieminen

Professional accountant. Serial-entrepreneur. Home-improvement enthusiast. Experienced piano player.


+358 40 060 2072

Pertti Kinnunen

Hannemari Niemi

Development Manager
Into Seinäjoki Oy

Terhi Lake

Board Member, E-P WIISE ry

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