Basic Finnish Language Course

Although Finnish has areputation for being a difficult language to learn, that doesn’t mean it is impossible… even children in Finland can speak Finnish, right?

To make these first steps into learning the language a little easier, WIISE offers a Basic Finnish course for foreigners. Each course can be tailored to the needs and vocabulary of each company, so your workers are able to communicate productively as quickly as possible.

This training will be delivered by qualified language instructors, some of whom speak Finnish as a second language. This experience of learning Finnish as a foreigner, can make it easier to teach the basics of the language to other foreigners. It also works as an inspiration to others as they take their first lessons.

What we do:

  • Train immigrants to be able to speak and understand Finnish so that they can work in a Finnish-speaking environment
  • Give them words and phrases related to their work
  • Length of each session: 90 minutes
  • Number of sessions: 12 sessions per course


  • Immigrants and Finns work better together, the immigrants are happier and more productive