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Employee Integration Programme

Integration Evaluation for workers + work from WIISE to help implementing their plan.

Recruitment costs money and recruiting international workers to move to your town, naturally, has extra challenges. Will the workers settle down, stay for an extended period and give you a positive return on investment  (ROI) on your recruitment costs? Or will they decide to leave soon after they arrive, meaning you need to invest again in recruiting a replacement worker. 

There are ways to reduce this risk and take your employee onboarding programme to another level. Start by contacting WIISE arranging an Integration Evaluation for qualifying employees. Then invest in some hours for each employee with WIISE to help them implement their individual Integration Plan.

Remember: Integration Evaluations can be offered free of charge to eligible persons, with the cost being paid by KEHA-keskus via the local municipality.

If you consider this part of your recruitment costs, you will improve your onboarding process and help your new international workers settle and stay longer. Also, if your new workers have a spouse or children, WIISE may be able to help them too at no cost to your company. If you look after your workers, WIISE may be able to help their family members.

This enhanced onboarding process could be developed further by adding these training sessions (details below):

  • Training on Finnish culture for immigrant workers.
  • Training on foreign cultures for Finnish workers.
  • Basic Finnish language course.


There are some impressive examples of companies in Etelä-Pohjanmaa that have integrated numerous immigrants into its workforce. To make that transition smoother, WIISE offers two training courses, one for your Finnish workers and the other for the new, foreign workers.

Training on Finnish Culture for Immigrant Workers

What we do:

  • Explain how Finnish workplace ways of doing things differ from other countries
  • Help the immigrants to understand how to behave and work with others at work in Finland
  • Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings
  • Make it easier for immigrant workers to feel happy and at home working in Finland
  • Hours: half day or one day


  • Immigrants and Finns work better together, the immigrants are happier and more productive

Training on Foreign Cultures for Finnish Workers

What we do:

  • Explain how our ways of working and doing business in Finland differ from other countries
  • Help Finns understand how working culture is different in different countries around the world and how to change behaviour/actions accordingly
  • To explain how foreigners in Finland might find our working culture strange and why foreigners might behave in ways that we think are strange
  • Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings
  • Make it easier for Finns to work with foreigners in Finland and abroad
  • Hours: half day or one day


  • Immigrants and Finns work better together and can be happier and more productive working together
  • Finns can work more easily with foreign customers, suppliers and partners
  • The company can be more productive and sell more

Basic Finnish language course

Although Finnish has the reputation for being a difficult language to learn, that doesn’t mean it is impossible… even children in Finland can speak Finnish, right? To make these first steps into learning the language a little easier, WIISE offers a Basic Finnish course for foreigners. Each course can be tailored to the needs and vocabulary of each company, so your workers are able to communicate productively as quickly as possible.

This training will be delivered by a qualified language instructor, some of whom speak Finnish as second language. This experience of learning Finnish as a foreigner, can make it easier to teach the basics of the language to other foreigners. It also works as an inspiration to others as they take their first lessons.

What we do:

  • Train immigrants to be able to speak and understand Finnish so that they can work in a Finnish-speaking environment
  • Give them words and phrases related to their work
  • Length of each session: 90 minutes
  • Number of sessions: 12 sessions per course


  • Immigrants and Finns work better together, the immigrants are happier and more productive

Event Organisation & Hosting

The WIISE team has experience organising seminars, conferences and networking events. This experience can be outsourced to WIISE by organisations, Hanke project managers or companies.

What we do:

  • Arrange the venue and any catering that is required
  • Organise guest speakers
  • Activate our network to invite attendees 
  • Marketing activity to publicise the  event and maximise attendance numbers
  • Host the event


  • A successful, well-attended event that has benefits for the attendees, the companies and for the municipality.