ALKU-Meetings For Individuals – Seinäjoki

An alkukartoitus, or integration evaluation, can be offered free of charge to eligible persons, through the local municipality. In Seinäjoki, these ALKU-Meetings are provided by MONI-Info in partnership with WIISE.

Eligible person:

  • Foreigners that live in Finland: employees, graduates or students, spouses and job seekers. The municipality organises Integration Evaluations for immigrants who have lived in Finland less than three years and who are not registered at the employment office (TE–toimisto).
  • If you are eligible, you do not need to be a member of WIISE to receive your Integration Evaluation

What we do:

  • An initial interview to understand each person’s:
    • Background, education, work experience, hobbies,
    • Finnish language skills and preferred learning methods
    • Strengths and future plans
  • An individual summary discussion with the MONI-Info team
  • Create a personal integration plan
  • Depending on what you need we will:
    • Help you find ways to learn Finnish
    • Help you look for work or a study place
    • Help you find hobbies or activities in the local area
    • Make introductions to help finding work or hobbies
    • Make introductions to useful, relevant local contacts


  • We create a personal Integration Plan for each person, giving a checklist of suggestions, activities and services which will help them integrate to the local community, including:
    • Improving their language skills
    • Identifying work or study opportunities
    • Finding hobbies
    • Enlarging their network of local contacts

Are You Interested?

To book your meeting, firstly make contact with MONI-Info, as ALKU-Meetings are provided by MONI-Info in partnership with WIISE.

If you’re not sure if you are eligible contact the WIISE team anyway we may still be able to help you.